Deloitte LLP combines in-depth knowledge and an understanding of sectors with the company's functional experiences to offer perspectives and research into the industry of consumer products. The site provides a background of the industry, reports and featured insights focused on issues facing the industry, and future outlooks.

The Global Powers of Consumer Products provides a listing of the 250 largest companies in the consumer products industry. Deloitte also gives their outlook for the global economy and discusses trends in the industry in this report, which opens as a PDF. offers a wide range of current industry information and trade leads to help exporters of U.S goods and services get the information they need to compete successfully in overseas markets. This information includes trade events, market research, trade agreements, statistics and data, publications, industry associations, and points of contact for the industry.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) assists members in producing safe products through scientific research, testing, and evaluation. The GMA website provides information about various issues, policies, and resources such as research, reports, and technical guidance and tools. In addition, recent news, events, and newsletters are available on the site.

IBM offers expertise on the consumer products industry to help assist users in addressing business challenges through reports and perspectives. This resource contains several case studies and reports on current industry problems and solutions to these problems. The site also provides information on analytics, commerce, and software related to consumer products.

The retail section of insights and publications, from McKinsey and Company, features recent in-depth articles on the retail industry. These articles present companies with advice and suggestions, industry trends, and interviews with leading industry professionals.

SAP offers articles that provide insight on all aspects of business in the consumer products industry: from the supply chain to marketing to product innovation. This site has many articles, found in PDF files, on past case studies and current opinions and analysis on the industry.