The Republic of Bulgaria Ministry of Economy is responsible for the implementation and regulation of government policies as it impacts the business services industries. Specifically, this site contains updates on current news, lists of policies, and relevant statistics.

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate aims to prevent climate change and addresses energy issues, meteorology, and buildings. It also conducts national geological surveys in Denmark and Greenland. The site contains information on the ministry's policies, legislation, an overview of the issues it is tasked to cover, and its EU and international policies. In addition, the site provides facts about energy supply, savings, and security, as well as recent news and press releases.

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy is responsible for policy and regulatory development that impacts the business services, energy, technology, and hospitality and travel industries. This site contains information on the various trade agencies Germany is involved with, as well as statistical data and policies.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) focuses on assuring reliable, affordable, and clean energy around the world through proper policy development and regulation. This site features energy statistics worldwide through publications and papers, newsletters, events, and workshops. IEA also publishes the World Energy Outlook, an annual flagship publication that is available in a variety of languages. Most publications and papers require paid subscriptions or pay-per-article; however, universities and developing country clients receive a discount.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) is responsible for the regulation and oversight of the atomic energy industry in Japan. This site contains a list of news, information, publications, and JAEA research and development.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs is in charge of policy development to create a sustainable, competitive business environment in the Netherlands. Specific focus is placed on agriculture and energy and a balance between ecology and economy. This site contains relevant information for the agriculture, biotechnology, and energy industries.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is responsible for policy development and regulation as it applies to the Norwegian energy industry. This site contains contact information, rules and laws, press releases, and reports.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is the agency in charge of regulating Pakistan's electric power sector. The site contains agency information, legislative and licensing documents, tariffs, consumer affairs, information on standards and privatization, publications, and recent industry news.

The Ministry of Climate and Enterprise in Sweden is responsible for promoting sustainable development in the country by implementing environmental legislation and policies. The ministry's website contains an overview of the areas of responsibility of the ministry itself, as well as news articles about recent events and various environmental publications which can be downloaded for free in PDF. 

The United States Department of Energy regulates and oversees the energy industry to ensure that both energy and environmental needs are met. The site contains sections about public services provided by the department, science and innovation, and saving energy. On the homepage, users can find a blog and library of news which both provide recent information on advances in energy and the environment.