Assessing the Risks of Counterfeiting and Illicit Diversion for Health Care Products is a paper series published by the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP) at Michigan State University. The paper addresses the threats of counterfeit products in the healthcare industry and how they affect businesses within the industry. Additionally, the report examines the global supply chain and counterfeit threats of pharmaceuticals. This resource opens in PDF.

BioSpace serves as a web venue for industry professionals to share ideas and products related to the pharmaceutical industry online. The website includes a career network, news, hotbeds, career fairs, company profiles, and a list of events. Registration as a job seeker or an employer is required to fully access all features of the website.

Certified by the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation, Drugwatch aims to educate the public about prescription and over-the-counter medications, drug recalls, medication interactions, and current developments in the pharmaceutical field. Drugwatch contains a complete, alphabetical index of drug profiles, lawsuits, recalls, health information, and a search section to find out what drugs may cause reactions with others.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) protects and promotes public health through the evaluation of medicines. The EMA provides recommendations on the quality and safety of medicines. They apply evaluation procedures to help bring new medicines to the European Union.

The International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) oversees the standards of drug development and registration and brings together the regulatory authorities of Europe, Japan, and the U.S. to discuss scientific and technical aspects of drug registration. The ICH website provides press releases, ICH guidelines on products, a calendar of meetings, and information on training. 

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) advocates research of and access to medicines that save lives and improve the overall quality of life. The site offers news, resources, and event listings pertaining to the research-based pharmaceutical industry. Press releases and publications are available as well as detailed information on a variety of topics that pertain to global health, innovation, quality, and ethics.

IQVIA provides information and consulting services to the global healthcare market. The website includes a detailed description of the pharmaceuticals industry, as well as news headlines, events and webinars, and market insights to help businesspeople drive a cost-effective business.

A product of McKinsey & Co., the site features in-depth articles on several different industries including healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Articles present companies with advice and suggestions along with industry trends. Interviews with leading industry professionals are also provided.

Pharmaceutical Business Review provides the latest news and information about the pharmaceutical industry. News subjects include production and manufacturing, drug research, contract research and services, automation, inward investment, packaging, regulatory affairs, and medical devices. A suppliers directory, an events list, and white papers are also included.

Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting in the US: Differing Dimensions of the Risk discusses drug counterfeiting in the United States and specifically addresses how the Anti-Counterfeiting and Protection Program at Michigan State University devotes its efforts to stop this dangerous practice. The resource is in PDF. is a website that gives international updates on projects and trends in markets such as biotechnology, therapeutics, and vaccines. The Pharmaceutical Technology website contains information on clinical trials, cold chain, diseases, drug development, and manufacturing. The site also provides market data, press releases, and listings of pharmaceutical equipment, suppliers, products, and services. 

PharmaLive provides news and articles on the pharmaceutical industry. The site also includes information regarding the research and development of pharmaceutical drugs as well as a number of useful resources. These resources include white papers, special reports, and webinars. contains information on news, jobs, and events concerning the pharmaceutical industry. This site provides a large variety of posted reports on current breakthroughs in the industry, focusing on research and development in biotechnology.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) provides background information on global industries. The Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences section includes a description of the industry's environment, challenges facing the industry and potential solutions, free downloadable publications, and events.

The Health and Economic Effects of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals in Africa is an article of the globalEDGE business review that describes the negative impacts of pharmaceutical product counterfeiting in Africa. The in-depth analysis provides several cause and effect relationships in the context of the drug industry with research from the Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Program at Michigan State University.