The Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) provides several services.  Useful international business resources include seminars and roundtables, referrals, and an e-newsletter, along with communities and services that AIM caters to. The site requires a paid membership to access information and services.

The Massachusetts Corporations Division is available to help corporations file various business filings, such as annual reports or UCC filings. On the site, users can find information on a multitude of topics including public records, lobbyists, publications and regulations, records, corporations, elections and voting, and citizen information services.

The Massachusetts Economic Development Council (MEDC) is an association of economic development practitioners that provides educational programs to improve industrial and economic development for the state of Massachusetts. The MEDC's site contains an upcoming events calendar, a list of programs and services provided by the council, membership information, and a news and resources section.

The Massachusetts Office of International Trade & Investment (MOITI) aims to expand Massachusetts' economy internationally by marketing state businesses through export promotion and attracting international companies to invest in Massachusetts. This website provides information on their grant relief program and state trade and export promotion, which increases export sales of small businesses' goods and services. The site also has information on national and international trade shows.

The Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network (MSBDC) provides services and information to help newly forming and existing small businesses. Business advising and training seminars are offered, in addition to answers to the questions most frequently asked by small businesses. Special service areas include veteran services, procurement assistance, and international trade.

MassEcon (Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development) aims to encourage the expansion and retention of business in Massachusetts. On the website, users can find various business resources on specific expertise and regions, a data center to assist companies in conducting research during the site selection process, as well as a news section with relevant business articles and updates.

The Sales Representative and Distributorship Contracts in Massachusetts document describes how Massachusetts law regulates agreements with a sales representative or distributor. It also outlines the process for handling contracts and the exceptions for freedom of contract, terms in contracts, independent employment laws, uniform commercial code, and business taxes. Prepared by: Sherin and Lodgen LLP.