The League of Arab States, also known as the Arab League, is a regional organization consisting of Arab nations in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Horn of Africa. The League was formed in Cairo in 1945 by the six founding members: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. The main goal of the League of Arab States according to their charter is “strengthening of the relations between the member-states, the coordination of their policies in order to achieve co-operation between them and to safeguard their independence and sovereignty; and a general concern with the affairs and interests of the Arab countries.” Syria has historically been a part of the league but is currently suspended in response to the government’s actions in handling political opponents and uprisings in the nation.

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gE Blog Series: Business in the Middle East Part 5 - The Arab League Moves Toward a Joint Arab Military Force

10/23/2015 5:51:32 PM

Member Countries

Member Countries
Algeria Bahrain Comoros
Djibouti Egypt Iraq
Jordan Kuwait Lebanon
Libya Mauritania Morocco
Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia
Somalia Sudan Syria
Tunisia United Arab Emirates Yemen


League of Arab States