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France: Modernization of the European Customs Code - a Lexwork International exclusive picture_as_pdf

This document outlines changes that have been made to the community customs code and how this may affect local business. There are also comments from lawyers, which are helpful for anyone looking to review their license and sale agreements. Prepared by: DS Avocats.

Government Resources

Main Government Page
Statistics Office
Stock Exchanges
Commerce Ministry
Investment Promotion Agency

Regulatory Agency Sites

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the securities and financial markets segments of the financial services industry in France. The site provides information about market participants and products, warnings, regulations, and sanctions and settlements. In addition, the site provides the latest news and relevant publications.

The French Telecommunications and Post Regulator (ARCEP) regulates telecommunications and postal services. The site provides news, publications, major files, and reports concerning the industry.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food regulates agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and food. The site provides information on various agricultural sectors, the members of the department, press releases, publications, and media. Most of the website is only available in French, but an "English contents" section is an option. This section lists articles and videos that summarize issues the ministry deems essential.

France's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health oversees issues of social exclusion, unemployment, racism, sexism, and social justice. The Ministry is also responsible for regulating the public healthcare facilities and managing the health insurance sector of the French Social Security system. They also set prices pertaining to healthcare goods and services. Their site includes ministry information, campaigns, press documents, statistics, and publications. Only available in French.

The National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the French Healthcare Industry. This site contains information on news, activities, publications, and services as provided by the ANSM. Only available in French.

The Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) is responsible for regulating broadcasting in France. The CSA allocates frequencies to broadcasters, protects consumers, resolves disputes, and ensures the protection of French culture in broadcasts. The site provides general information about the council, television and radio, interactive services, press releases, and legal documents. This website is only available in French.

Other Resources

American Chamber of Commerce in France (AmCham) is an organization designed to represent the interests of businesses in France. AmCham helps American companies integrate effectively into the French business environment and allows companies in France to build closer ties to American markets. The site includes upcoming events and conferences, membership services, information about working AmCham committees and policy initiatives, a directory, and media and press information.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Martinique (CCIM) provides economic, business, and industry services and information for the Martinique region. The site includes information on dividends, entrepreneurial support, business development and education, transferring ownership, preventing risk, and news. Only available in French.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of France (CCI de France) is a national public establishment providing a network focused on the sharing of skills and experience for the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The site contains news, industry information, activity reports, chamber locations, training, online services, and guides. Only available in French.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France website provides information on the French culture, economy, foreign policy, and society. The site also contains information on the ministry and doing business in France.

"You Buy France" is the official business-to-business directory for French suppliers and exporters. The site provides a business directory, as well as a recent news and events directory, where you can filter by industry and location.

The French Marketing Association (AFM) is the French association of marketing academics. The site provides information about activities and services provided by the organization and resources for researchers, as well as a blog. A membership with the organization is required to access all features of the site. Only available in French.

Nord France Invest provides the investor with pertinent information about the business environment in northern France. The site provides information about various business sectors, key statistics, benefits of doing business in the country, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, the site provides relevant news and events.