• The Treaty of Bucharest grants Russian control of eastern Moldova and the Ottoman Empire control of western Moldova.

  • The Ottoman Empire recognizes the independence of Romania, which includes western Moldova. 

  • The Moldovan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is established.

  • A pact between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia divides Romania between the two nations. A large portion of Moldova is given to the Soviet Union.

  • Moldova declares its independence and joins the Commonwealth of Independent States, which was the successor of the Soviet Union.

  • Moldova's currency, the Rouble, is replaced by the Leu. 

  • The rule of the Communist Party in Moldova comes to an end.

  • National Bank uncovers official inaction over embezzlement of $1bn - about 12.5% of annual GDP - from the banking system, prompting a major political crisis and credit crunch.

  • Ion CHICHU is voted in as Prime Minister by the Parliament.


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