• Britain proclaims Somaliland a British protectorate.

  • Italy sets up a protectorate in central Somalia.

  • Italian Somaliland combined with Somali-speaking parts of Ethiopia to form the Italian East Africa province.

  • Italy occupies British Somaliland for a year during World War II.

  • Italian Somaliland is renamed Somalia and is granted internal autonomy.

  • The British and Italian parts of Somalia merge, become independent, and form the United Republic of Somalia.

  • Somalia joins the Arab League. 

  • Famine kills almost 260,000 during a 2-year period, while the US-backed Somali government is battling a terrorist group called "Al-Shabab"

  • The US recognizes Somalia's government for the first time since 1991. Additionally, international donors promise $2.4 billion in reconstruction aid in three-year ''New Deal''.


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