Key Figures

Chief of State:
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
Head of Government:
Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre


Government Name:
Federal Republic of Somalia
Adopted: 2012; Provides for a parliamentarian system of government by establishing its structure with the president being the head of state and the prime minister as the head of government. It also establishes a bicameral legislature which consists of the Senate and the National Assembly of Somalia to create the Federal Parliament of Somalia.
Government Type:
Federal Parliamentary Republic
Federal Republic of Somalia Flag
Coat of Arms of Federal Republic of Somalia

Index of Economic Freedom

There is no Index of Economic Freedom rating for Somalia

Country Risk Rating

There is no Country Risk Rating for Somalia

Government Branches

Main Powers Election Process Election Cycle 1

President is commander-in-chief of the military forces and holds full executive power. Cabinet advises the president and operates government services.

President is elected by parliament while the prime minister is elected by the president with the approval of the parliament.

Yet to be determined


Independent from the executive and legislature, and is required by the constitution of the state.

Selected by Judicial Service Commission and appointed by president.

Yet to be determined


Elects the president, speaker of parliament, and deputy speakers. Also has the authority to pass and veto laws.

Upper House of the Federal Parliament members are elected by regional governing councils, and the House of the People members are elected by popular vote.

4 years

Regional Trade Blocs

International Organization Participation [2]

Environmental Agreements [3]

Tax Information [2]

Tax Authority:
Information not available
Tax Name:
Information not available


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