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Company Directories

The Business Finder is the official export directory for Sweden that enables you to find Swedish products and suppliers. By providing contacts to exporters, this site is an effective tool for international marketing. The site offers business information on Sweden's goods and services, which makes it easy to find the right exporters. The site is available in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

News Sites

Affärsvärlden is a weekly business magazine from Sweden. The site provides current business news, information on the Swedish Stock Exchange, business law, and analysis on exchange and markets. Site only available in Swedish.

Dagens Industri (Di) is a business and industry newspaper in Sweden which covers a variety of aspects such as the economy, stock market, and performance of various industries in Sweden. The site is only available in Swedish.

Veckans Affärer is an online business magazine that covers topics relating to capital, sustainability, leadership, innovation, and digital technology. Featuring articles from the weekly print magazine, it also has an extensive database of facts about Swedish companies. Updated daily, this is the most comprehensive source of business news in the region of Scandinavia. It is published in Swedish only.

Regulatory Agency Sites

The Board of Agriculture is the Swedish government's expert authority in agriculture policy and is responsible for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. The site describes rural and trade opportunities in the Swedish agricultural industry regarding the country's crops and animals. In addition, several forms and brochures related to agriculture in Sweden are available for download in PDF.  

Finansinspektionen (FI) is charged with the oversight and regulation of the Swedish financial services industry. The site provides information about regulations, authorization information, supervisory activity, and international information. In addition, the site contains recent news, registers, and reports.

The Medical Products Agency (MPA) is responsible for regulating and monitoring the development of drugs and medicinal products. MPA's website contains information regarding herbal, homeopathic, and other types of medicinal products as well as medical devices. Recent news releases from the MPA regarding recalls or updates in the pharmaceutical industry are also posted on the homepage of the site. 

The Ministry of Climate and Enterprise in Sweden is responsible for promoting sustainable development in the country by implementing environmental legislation and policies. The ministry's website contains an overview of the areas of responsibility of the ministry itself, as well as news articles about recent events and various environmental publications which can be downloaded for free in PDF. 

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for setting the defense policy for Sweden, promoting peace and international cooperation, and preparing the country's defense system for potential threats and conflicts. The ministry's website provides an overview of its responsibilities and also provides recent news articles related to defense.

The Ministry of Education and Research in Sweden is responsible for all levels of education as well as funding research within the country. Its website describes the activities and responsibilities of the ministry in-depth and also provides recent news and publications related to educational research.

The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation is responsible for promoting the development and growth of Sweden's service and manufacturing sectors. The ministry is also responsible for monitoring the country's agriculture, construction, and food and beverage industries. This website details the ministry's areas of responsibility, organization, and relationship with the European Union. Recent news related to the ministry is posted on the main page of its website. 

The National Food Agency is the central administrative authority for all matters concerning food in Sweden. This website contains information about maintaining a healthy diet and the numerous regulations within Sweden's food and beverage industry.

The Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA) is responsible for national and international activities relating to space and remote sensing, primarily research and development. The three main tasks of the SNSA are to distribute government grants for space research, initiate research in space, and act as Swedish contact for international cooperation. The site provides information about space activities, the space industry, and research in the country of Sweden.

The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority promote opportunities for diversity and availability in radio and television. The authority decides upon permits, fees, and registration, and oversees radio and TV broadcasts. Its mission is to monitor and disseminate knowledge on media development. The site provides an overview of the licensing and content regulation functions of the authority as well as news updates regarding the telecommunications industry. The site is only available in Swedish. 

The Swedish Consumer Agency is the state agency tasked with safeguarding consumer interests. This site contains a list of consumer rights in Sweden as well as information regarding product safety, filing complaints, and budget and debt.

Other Resources

Sweden Sverige includes information on Swedish business, culture and traditions, society, nature, and quick facts. Under the business section, this site provides market insights via news articles, market analyses, and commentaries regarding various aspects of business in Sweden. Other topics covered include travel, tourism, working, and living in Sweden.

The Swedish Environmental Code constitutes environmental legislation aimed at promoting sustainable development. Provided by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the page includes information on this code, as well as links to the code itself, and to other Swedish environmental statutes.

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) is a private Swedish independent business organization with numerous member companies ranging from world giants to small entrepreneurs. Members facilitate international trade and establish trade contacts in order to improve the economy and competitiveness of Sweden. The SCC website contains informational sections under the "policy" tab covering topics such as infrastructure, urbanization, international trade, education and innovation, business climate, and real estate in Sweden.

Sweden's Chambers of Commerce works to promote infrastructure projects in order to fuel economic development and growth within the country. The website contains links to each individual chamber of commerce, as well as links to foreign chambers of commerce in Sweden and Swedish chambers of commerce in other countries. Information about the services provided by the numerous chambers can also be found on the website.