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Angola Press (ANGOP) is a resource that provides up to date news information on politics, economics, society, sport, and the culture of Angola. Users are able to search by topic as well as by province.

Regulatory Agency Sites

The Ministry of Commerce of Angola is in charge of the development and regulation of all import and export policies. The website contains information about the ministry itself, services available, news, and a calendar of events. A search engine allows users to search through a library of publications, which are available for free in PDF. A limited English version of the site is available, however, content is mainly in Portuguese. 

The Angola Ministry of Finance aims to stimulate economic activity within Angola and promote equitable distribution of national income through the implementation of its fiscal policies. The site contains a general ministry overview, financial legislation, and information regarding the national economy as well as international affairs. An English version of the site is available. 

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MTTI) of Angola sets policies and regulations for telecommunications, IT, and postal services. MTTI represents Angola in international telecommunications, grants licenses to operators, promotes the growth of industry technologies, mediates disputes, and protects consumers. A limited English version is available, however, site content is mainly in Portuguese.