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Canada: Sales and Distribution in Canada - a Lexwork International exclusive picture_as_pdf

This document details sales and distribution arrangements in Canada and the laws that govern them. Specifically discussed are the regulations and liabilities for these relationships, the Competition Act, intellectual property rights, and taxes. Prepared by: Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLC.

Canada: Sales and Distribution in Québec - a Lexwork International exclusive picture_as_pdf

This document outlines how The Civil Code of Québec (CCQ) provides the basic provisions for the relationships between sales contracts and distribution. The competition legislation for Québec is also described in depth. Some specific legislation discussed are the Competition Act and the Consumer Protection Act. Prepared by: De Grandpré Chait LLP.

Canada: Sales Representative and Distribution Contracts in the Province of Ontario - a Lexwork International exclusive picture_as_pdf

This document outlines the terms for preparing business-related contracts in Ontario. It also describes in depth many of the laws used in sales representative and distributor contracts. Prepared by: Shibley Righton LLP.

Government Resources

Main Government Page
Statistics Office
Commerce Ministry
Export Promotion Agency
Investment Promotion Agency

Company Directories

The Canadian Trade Index (CTI) was created to promote the interest of Canadian industries, commerce, and foreign trade. The user can search by product, service, or company name in various locations around Canada.

Trade Shows

Events in America provides extensive details on thousands of trade shows, conventions, meetings, seminars, and conferences in the United States and Canada. Basic information is provided free of charge. However, full access to the website's services requires a membership, which has an annual cost.

News Sites

The Financial Post is a financial news site that includes daily business headlines and stories. Articles typically cover topics relating to finance, investing, the economy, and other business aspects of Canada and other countries.

The report on business section of The Globe and Mail provides up to date news coverage on local and international business news, including Canadian and U.S. market trends. Users can read articles on industries, careers, small businesses, and the economy.

Canadian Business provides business news and information for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. The site provides analysis and perspective, market and data information, and the option to subscribe to e-newsletters. There is a free trial for the website and then a required subscription fee.

Cision Canada contains a real-time news release database searchable by keywords, timeframe, industries, subjects, or geography. News releases are also posted on the homepage and organized by the most recent article. Cision Canada also provides services to increase online visibility, promote brands, and expand social media networks for interested companies upon completion of registration.

Regulatory Agency Sites

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) provides information, research, technology, policies, and programs to achieve an environmentally sustainable agricultural industry. The site offers information on the industry, trade, and innovation. It also contains a list of all the services and programs AAFC offers to Canadian farmers and businesses. The website is available in English and French.

The Department of Finance is responsible for using and regulating Canada's public funds and international trade with Canada. This site provides information about various topics, such as financial institutions & markets, international issues, federal budgets, publications, and reports. In addition, the site provides information about acts and regulations, tax treaties, news releases, notices to the media, and speeches. The website is available in English and French.

This is the official website of the Department of Global Affairs in Canada. It provides information about the department, Canada's foreign policy, and international trade and development. News releases and articles regarding hot topics are posted on the homepage, in addition to numerous quick links. These quick links offer information regarding trade missions, exports, and investing in Canada. The website is available in English and French.

Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) provides advice and support to the minister of national defense. They also implement the government's decisions on the security of Canada and of Canadian interests at home and abroad. The site provides information about doing business with DND and investing in the Canadian Armed Forces. The website is available in English and French.

Health Canada is responsible for overseeing and regulating the Canadian healthcare industry. This site contains information on legislation, activities, and publications. This website is available in English and French.

Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED) is in charge of increasing Canada's share of global trade and building a fair, efficient, and competitive marketplace. ISED is responsible for regulating Canada's airwaves and protecting and promoting the interests of Canadian consumers. This resource allows users to apply for radio licenses, browse federal regulations, and report frauds and scams, among many other functions. Extensive trade statistics are also available under the "International trade and investment" section. These reports provide detailed information on imports, exports, countries of origin, and destinations for Canadian trade. The website is available in English and French.

The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) creates the rules that all regulatory agencies in Canada's financial services industry must adhere to. This site provides information about the industry, regulations and governance, investors, and a rule book. In addition, the site offers resources, including notices, news, publications, and the IIROC Advisor Report.

The Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA) is a self-regulatory agency for the distributors of mutual funds within Canada. This site contains information on regulation and enforcement as well as an area where one can check the background of a mutual fund adviser or distributor.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is responsible for medical research and development and then communicating with the Canadian government to enforce policies and regulations within the public sector of the Canadian Healthcare Industry. This site contains resources on diseases, education, and statistics. The website is available in English and French.

Public Safety Canada protects Canadians from risks such as natural disasters, crime, and terrorism. Its official website includes information on national security, border strategies, countering crime, and emergency management. The website is available in English and French.

Transport Canada is in charge of the rule making, oversight, and outreach for the transportation industry in Canada. This agency's goal is to ensure the safety of the transportation system and proper investment in Canada's infrastructure. This site includes information on road, marine, rail, and air transport. The website is available in English and French.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is charged with the oversight and regulation of the Canadian food and beverage industry. The site contains news, recalls, and regulatory information, as well as a listing of frequently requested links. The website is available in English and French.

This is the official website of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, an independent quasi-judicial body that carries out its statutory responsibilities within Canada's trade remedies system. The website provides detailed information on the tribunal's various mandates and recent press releases. Users may additionally locate numerous e-filing forms and search for specific international trade cases. The website is available in English and French.

The Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulates broadcasting and communications in Canada. The CRTC issues broadcasting licenses, makes decisions on mergers, approves tariffs, encourages competition in the communications sector, provides information about broadcasting and communications, and resolves consumer disputes. The website is available in English and French.

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is an umbrella organization composed of all of Canada's provincial financial regulators that create equal and consistent regulation and financial markets across Canada. This site provides information about various investor tools, legal enforcement, cease trade orders, and industry resources. In addition, the site provides relevant news releases, letters, and statements.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) promotes the peaceful use and development of space to advance the knowledge of space through science. The CSA site provides information regarding its activity sectors, multimedia, resources, and recent space-related news. 

Other Resources

Going Global Exporting to Canada, a publication created by Enterprise Ireland, provides information on critical success factors, starting in the Canadian market, routes to market, legal issues, and growth sectors in the country. Opens in PDF.

The Ministry of International Relations site provides a large amount of information about conducting business in Québec. In addition, the site contains the latest news, information about international policy, and Québec’s relations with other countries. Some parts of the website are only available in French.

The Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) is a non-profit corporation providing information on market intelligence, trade development, and international projects. The site is helpful for those looking to attend trade events and learn about current developments in business and economics. The site also features publications such as a newsletter and an annual report.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is an international trade website of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD). It is designed to help Canadian companies in the global marketplace. The site provides export information that covers various topics, such as sector-specific advice, guides, market reports, and trade missions. In addition, the site provides information about funding and collaborative opportunities, the investing environment, publications, events, trade negotiations, agreements, and statistics. The website is available in French and English.

Canada's International Gateway provides a specific section dedicated to helping foreign businesses do business in Canada. Other general information on Canada is also available, including foreign policy, tourism, business services, and travel services. The website is also available in English and French.

The Canadian Council on International Law (CCIL) was founded in 1972 and promotes the study and analysis of international legal issues by university scholars, government lawyers, practitioners, and students. While some material is accessible only to members, the site provides information for all users on upcoming events and conferences, relevant news, and partnerships.

I.E. Canada is the national association for importers and exporters. The site provides information on events in Canada covering topics such as customs duty and international trade. It also offers industry news as well as various publications, some of which require purchase. While much of the site is freely available, membership is necessary to access parts of the website.

Natural Resources Canada offers a range of information on energy, mining/materials, forests, earth sciences, and other natural resources pertaining to Canada. Also available on the site are various publications, news releases, and information on acts/regulations in Canada. The website is available in English and French.