In the business world competition is something companies must thrive on. In order to survive in this cut throat global economy, companies have to be able to compete with each other and show their strengths. Our coming blog series is based on just that, competition. We will be show casing the best of the best in international business.

Any international business professional should be aware of the world around them. We will help you out by putting the important information all in one place. This week watch for lists of the top countries for offshoring, top global business cities, top traded commodities, top countries in the ease of doing business, top business risks, and top international business trends. It is essential to stay on top of the latest trends and know where in the world potential for business growth lies. All of these lists should help you to get a feel of the current international business environment, and see ‘What’s On Top’.  So come back later this week for some awesome posts!

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