Everyone sees the recycling label, the organic food label, and sometimes something similar to the Rainforest Alliance label on their food and home products. These let us know what the product stands for and where it came from. Now a new label may be appearing on many of your household products, the WindMade label.

Many companies including Vestas Wind Systems, PWC, and Bloomberg, recently announced their support for the new WindMade label. This label will be the first global consumer label that identifies corporations and products using and being made with wind energy. While this may seem like another publicity stunt for many, the backing behind the WindMade label seems to be increasing. “A global survey of more than 25,000 consumers across 20 markets shows that 92 percent of respondents believe that renewable energy is a good solution to mitigating climate change, and that if presented with a choice, most of them would prefer products made with wind energy, even at a premium.” This move towards more sustainable business practices leaves everyone hoping that the new label will have the benefits it promises.

The main obstacle with the new label is finding more companies in support as well as making sure transparency and certification are the leading objectives. For companies and products to bear the new label, they will have to go through a certification process that will verify their sufficient use of wind energy. The certification will make sure that company processes are transparent and hopefully will push more companies to look at increasing their use of renewable energy in the future. The certification standard has yet to be fully developed but the progress is moving quickly.

The winds of change are coming and hopefully we all will be seeing the new WindMade label on products soon. It is about time there is more of a consumer push for products and companies that use sustainable business practices. Check out the WindMade website here to learn more about the label and the companies supporting it!

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