In a recent Forbes article, they highlighted the top 10 green companies in the world. These companies have all in some way contributed a global environmental management system by reducing emissions, adjusting their manufacturing process, becoming environmentally certified and doing the best to adjust their performance records into a more positive light.

The number one is LG Electronics in South Korea. The company was recognized as “the country’s leading ‘green’ company, in terms of CO2 emissions. The company has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 million tons annually.” This is no small feat for a major corporation and they are continually setting new and higher goals for themselves.  Other companies highlighted around the world include Adidas in Germany. Adidas has taken a little different approach by developing a Social and Environmental Affairs team that goes around to the Adidas factories and keeps tabs on their compliance with environmental, social, and health standards.  Adidas has also done something similar to LG by setting goals of reducing energy use and in the long term has a goal of becoming a “zero emissions company”.  These companies are becoming the leaders in their industry not just because of their ability to compete but because of the strides they are taking in the environmental world.

To compete globally, companies are starting to see that they first need to readjust their environmental plan and the impact they are making on the world. To see a full slideshow of the top 10 companies going green and the new ideas they have, check out the article here!

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