28 percent of all US organizations are using cloud computing according to a software supplier based out of Illinois that conducted a poll last month. Many other forecasters, such Gartner, are estimating that the cloud computing market could be a $150 billion market by 2013; A pretty sizable amount indeed for a still-growing sector.

Cloud computing did not have such an optimistic outlook just by being the new technological bubble. The implications cloud computing bring to international business vary and are far reaching. The changes have already started occurring with many organizations switching to cloud file storage, email, and web and video conferencing. The study presented staggering numbers on cost savings for switching to applications based in the cloud. On average, participants of the survey saved 21 percent annually by moving those applications into the cloud.

Heavyweights are swinging their fists around in this emerging market, with Apples much anticipated iCloud, Google’s adoption of the Chrome OS operating system and Amazons use of the cloud for Customer Relationship Management. It provides users with relevant information anywhere, anytime as long as you have a browser and a reliable internet connection. The cloud can also allow businesses to be more decentralized in which communications, IT processes and streamlining is greatly improved.  This decentralization allows businesses more flexibility to expand into other markets and transmit information with more ease than what could have been done before without the cloud. What used to be a tedious task of market research and demographic research, can now be done relatively simply with cloud computing, using the relevant data that is tracked and monitored by the software to respond to market opportunities quickly and accurately.

With less and less competitive advantages and barriers to entry existing in markets now-a-days, keeping up with the newest technology often yields a great reward. Cloud computing provides many sensible advantages and the industry is only in its infancy. Nobody can see the future but the future of international business is definitely in the cloud.

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