Forbes recently came out with an article outlining a list of the top Global High Performers. This list targets companies around the globe that are doing well in regards to profit growth, the return to stockholders, return on capital, and sales growth. These main categories help show an interesting shift to companies not many instantly think of and others that are continuing to blow us away.

The companies that are performing above all others can be found in almost any industry and any corner of the globe. Ranging from transportation, utilities, and telecom services to countries including Brazil, Germany, Australia, and the United States, the list is all encompassing. Companies including China Mobile, Apple, and Nestle fall into the ranks of the list.

When browsing the list make sure to note that these numbers are based on a 5-year average which says a lot of the high performers. Visit the link here and see what global markets and companies will be the ones to watch in the coming future.

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