Currently, the global water supply is in a problematic state as Earth’s fresh water supply is being used up without having the chance to be recharged. As the population grows rapidly, more and more water is needed to produce the food that feeds this growing population. Agricultural crops and animals are not the only products requiring water. Industrial productions of almost all goods require water as a resource. In fact, water is a key material for almost any business application in the world today. On top of this, water is also being polluted and wasted which contributes greatly to the decline of the fresh water supply. Despite this bad news, businesses are helping turn this situation around by establishing an effort to save the water supply.

In the country of India, about eighty percent of the rural water supply and farm water irrigation comes from underground sources called aquifers. These water sources are depleting at a rate faster than they can be renewed by rainfall. Luckily, local industries and businesses are stepping in to help farmers replenish the supply. A local brewery has funded the construction of five water recharge dams in order to prevent excessive water run-off and help recharge natural water sources. This project has had great results and a positive impact on the water supply thus far. Local ground water levels have risen seventeen meters since the construction of the dams. Additional actions to save the water supply are just beginning with companies using GPS technology and satellite data to prevent the run-off of water.

Given the situation of the global water situation today, water-intensive industries will have to dedicate time to developing effective water management systems. With effective systems in place, companies can reduce their use of water and prevent the depletion of valuable water sources. Additionally, businesses can begin to work with local communities to assure effective management of water in communities where water is drawn from. These little steps can have tremendous impact on the environment and create a better future for all of us to take part in.

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