The year of 2011 has been a busy yet very exciting year for globalEDGE. Over the past year, the globalEDGE team has embarked on a mission to redesign the entire globalEDGE site in order to increase its usefulness and interactivity as a leading international business resource. We are thrilled and happy to announce that the new globalEDGE site has been released and this week the blog team will help you get familiar with the various updates and new sections of globalEDGE. Blog posts will cover many features of the new site including our new export tutorial section, the greater focus on social media, and the enhanced interactivity of globalEDGE. Today, we will look at the brand new section devoted to providing information about the world’s major trade blocs and trade agreements.

When looking at the major components of the new globalEDGE, you will notice the Global Insights category. This category is where the new Trade Bloc section can be found. The Trade Bloc section provides in-depth analysis, statistics, news headlines, and resources about important trade blocs around the world. These trade agreements affect many international businesses and have impacts on various industry sectors. Our Trade Bloc section provides a great breakdown of these impacts with easy to use resources, information, and interactive maps.

Our site contains information on six major trade blocs: APEC, ASEAN, CAFTA-DR, European Union, Mercosur, and NAFTA. Each trade bloc has an introduction page listing member countries, the trade bloc’s website, and an interactive map showing the regions it involves. A history page is provided to give you a detailed overview of how the trade bloc was formed while also listing a summary of key dates. Another major page within the trade bloc section is the membership page which provides export and import facts about the countries belonging to the trade bloc. A related agreements section is also available containing information about smaller trade agreements between member countries within the trade bloc and other countries. Last but not least is the resource page, which is a directory for information filled resources and links pertaining to the major trade blocs.

We hope you find this introduction to the new Trade Bloc Section helpful and feel free to contact us with suggestions. You can also leave a comment on the blog to tell us what you think about the Trade Bloc insight section or other updates to the site. We are excited about the improvements to globalEDGE and we hope you are too! Stay tuned for more blog posts this week highlighting the new features of the next generation of globalEDGE.

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