In 2011, the globalEDGE team embarked on a full site redesign to increase the interactivity and usability of the entire website. We wanted to add to the user-friendliness that our users have come to count on. In addition to the statistics, resources, and trade information in our sections, the new globalEDGE now includes additional maps, interactive rankings, and easier-to-use resource pages. The purpose of today’s blog is to highlight these new features of the next generation of globalEDGE.

One of the most exciting new tools of globalEDGE is the interactive rankings pages for states and countries. The data is displayed in easy to read maps that are color-coded, and a chart of the rankings is included below. The country rankings cover nearly 200 countries and span 45 different international business indicators, from energy production to exports and more! We are also working on a new country/state comparator tool that will be available in early October 2011.

Our interactive glossary is a very useful new feature that we have installed onto our site. This tool allows you to search for any word that you may not be familiar with. It provides easy to understand definitions of many international business terms, and is available at the top of every page. To further direct our viewers to sections of the site that may be helpful, we now have a “How Do I…” tab on the left side of most pages. These tabs guide users to important areas of our site that have proved to be very useful and interesting.

We have also upgraded some of our outdated features for increased interactivity. In the industry and countries sections, you are now able to sort through many corporations using our interactive table. This table includes key company figures such as sales, profits, assets, and market value; as well as interactive pop-up graphs to display the data over time. Our global insights sections also have interactive maps on them; with the new site you can look at the map and click on whatever country you wish to view. Once at that country’s page, you may click on the map and view the different regions of that nation.

We hope that you will take advantage of these many new, beneficial features. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or feedback that you may have. Or you can always interact with us on the blog and let us know what your thoughts are. We are very excited about the new generation of globalEDGE and we hope that you are too!

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