On behalf of the globalEDGE team, I again welcome you to the new website!  As stated in the previous blog post, the posts this week will focus on introducing and explaining some of the recently added features found on the new site.   Today’s focus will be on the new Export Tutorials section.  This section answers your questions about exporting and provides great insight and knowledge into the realm of international trade. 

The Export Tutorials section can be found by clicking on the Reference Desk toolbar, which is located on the top of all pages on the globalEDGE website.  Once on the Export Tutorials page, you will find that it is broken up into four sub-categories: Financial Considerations, Government Regulations, Logistics, and Sales and Marketing.  Each of these categories delves into a specific aspect of exporting and answers questions that pertain to the topic under discussion.  Definitions, step-by-step directions, and links to helpful websites are included in these answers to provide a diverse wealth of knowledge regarding exportation.

We hope you find the new Export Tutorials section to be useful and would greatly appreciate comments and suggestions regarding this section, as well as the other new additions and revisions to the globalEDGE website.  Our hope is that these changes will prove to be very useful and will further you on your quest for global business knowledge.  We encourage you to stay tuned for more blog posts this week that will unveil other updates to globalEDGE.

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