With the United States setting a goal to double exports in the next four years, small businesses play a very important role in accomplishing this mission. The National Export Initiative, the official title of this export growth objective, has a website designed to help small businesses export products to new markets and attain business growth abroad. Doug Barry of the U.S. Department of Commerce is an expert in exporting strategy for small businesses and has helped many small businesses accomplish their exporting goals. Last week, we posted a blog about an interview with Doug Barry where he explains how a small bio-business used international markets to achieve remarkable levels of business growth. This week, Doug Barry has conducted additional interviews where he shares his small business expertise and knowledge.

In a recent interview with Jim Blasingame of “The Small Business Advocate” website, Doug Barry explains how the U.S. Commercial Service can be used as a partner for small businesses looking to expand abroad and enter their products into the global marketplace. Also in the interview, he discusses how to establish and implement an effective exporting strategy with the help of the United States Government’s export portal. You can listen to Doug Barry’s full interview by clicking the “Listen Now” button below.

Recently the United States passed a trio of free trade agreements with Panama, South Korea, and Colombia. These trade agreements will have huge implications on the exports between these countries and international trade tendencies. In another interview, Doug Barry describes how the newly passed trade agreements will affect United States exports and how they will help businesses achieve growth abroad. The full interview with Doug Barry is posted below for you to listen to in its entirety. We hope you enjoy the interview and stay tuned for more international business blog posts this week!

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