The 4th annual Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off today (November 14th) and runs through November 20th all over the world! Over 100 countries, thousands of partners and activities, and millions of people will be involved in inspiring up-and-coming entrepreneurs, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit, and allowing successful entrepreneurs to pass along their knowledge. Governments, educational institutions, businesses, and the media are all coming together this week to stimulate start-up’s and foster growth among entrepreneurial ventures.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is designed to inspire, establish idea sharing, and celebrate the successes of entrepreneurs worldwide. So much of global growth is stimulated by small businesses, leaders from many countries are eager to encourage a spirit of entrepreneurism in their economies. A large portion of future jobs will come from businesses that are just bursting onto the scene, and the entrepreneurs behind them.

In this blog series we hope to open your eyes to new entrepreneurial trends, unexpected success stories, and entrepreneurial initiatives that are taking place in countries all over the globe.  Come back each day this week for inspiring articles about successful ventures, and encouraging news of government policies fostering entrepreneurship worldwide. For more information on Global Entrepreneurship Week, visit the event’s home page, and watch this video below!

Interested in learning more about entrepreneurship? globalEDGE has several resources that describe entrepreneurship for those who are unfamiliar, and gives tips for those who are interested in venturing out on their own. Two of our online modules specifically focus on entrepreneurship. The International Entrepreneurship module stimulates understanding the forces that make it possible for entrepreneurs to rapidly internationalize. The Identifying and Measuring Drivers of Global Entrepreneurship module is helpful for identifying and measuring drivers of global entrepreneurship and understanding some of the emerging trends in practices and business models of international new ventures. Our export tutorials are also helpful for any global entrepreneur looking for the basics on international expansion.

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