Over a decade of recurrent high energy prices has prompted Kenya to look beyond traditional energy sources.  The traditional energy supply line in Kenya is unstable and has been for many years, which has caused consistently high prices that will unlikely subside.  Green energy firms are emerging and have been largely successful thus far because of the increasing demand for alternative energy sources.

Real estate developers and Kenyan home owners alike are making the switch to solar energy and are seeing many advantages in doing so.  Not only is solar energy better for the environment, but is also an estimated 70% cheaper than traditional energy sources.  Additionally, maintenance costs are much less.  Solar World East Africa Ltd and Kenital Solar are two companies that are reaping the benefits of the surge for renewable energy.  

Kenya’s government has played a huge role in making the solar energy movement widespread.  Legislation has been passed that requires developers to install solar powered water heating systems into new homes.  Also the government has implemented zero rated taxes on equipment that is used for solar energy.  These governmental actions have given renewable energy a popular name in Kenya and more people are choosing to abandon traditional energy and switch to a renewable energy source. 

In Kenya, most people who use traditional energy sources can afford them.  The lower prices of solar energy in the long run are an incentive, but for most this is not the main reason for the switch.  Kenyans are making a conscious lifestyle choice in switching to renewable energy because they embrace the idea of “going green” and want to have a positive effect on their surrounding environment.  Hopefully, other countries who have not yet fully invested in “green energy” will see the benefits of renewable energy sources and follow Kenya’s lead.

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