Solar power has been a hot topic all over the globe. Many countries have made commitments to use solar panels to clean up energy sources. Still, it does not seem that all of the hype has lead to much production. Many countries have begun these initiatives to "green up" their energy, and now it seems that a reduction in solar panel prices might begin to press the issue.

India in particular has begun to make great strides in solar power efforts. This is due to many factors. First, the Indian government has offered subsidies to companies producing or selling solar panels. Second, there has been a global drop in solar panel prices. Lastly, India has experienced a large increase in demand and has grown its own solar industry immensely.

At this point, India has ambitious green energy goals that it hopes to achieve by the end of the decade. India hopes to produce 20,000 megawatts of solar energy by 2020. Until now, this goal has seemed unattainable but now that solar prices have gone down India is more hopeful. To achieve this India will need to continue to grow its own solar industry, and be proactive about installing this clean source of energy.

India is working hard to develop its own production of solar energy, but currently imports many panels from the United States, Taiwan, and Europe. Currently European countries are using much more solar power than India, but lower prices in India are helping to increase the demand.

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