The global economy has certainly taken a hit recently. The global downturn has not been easy for countries or companies to deal with, but still there are inspiring success stories that encourage us to keep pushing on. In hard times, focusing on these successes can be a great way to spur growth. This week in our blog series we will share some of these encouraging stories.

There are many bright spots in what seems like a dim global outlook. For example, despite the global downturn, many countries have seen an increase in manufacturing. Some global cities are fighting to stay successful by finding new and exciting niche markets. Other countries, despite natural disasters, have begun to recover and reestablish their place in global supply chains. Strong small businesses have also still thrived despite only having access to limited resources.

While there are success stories, we know that many businesses are still experiencing the cold shoulder from the global economy. Luckily, globalEDGE has some excellent resources that can help your business thrive even during an economic slump. Our Market Potential Index (MPI) shows which emerging markets are offering the most growth potential. This can help your business pinpoint new markets to target when existing ones cease to grow. Also, our Trade Leads resources can help you find new customers in unexpected places.

We hope you tune into the rest of our Global Resiliency Series. Let us know what you think, we love your feedback!

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