The answer is NO, but New York City is the closest! At least, that's what a recent report, The 2008 Global Cities Index, claims. This report is result of a research study conducted by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, A.T. Kearny, and Washington Post.

60 cities, including the world's biggest & most interconnected cities, were ranked based on the dimensions of Business Activity, Human Capital, Information Exchange, Cultural Experience, and Political Engagement. Some of the highlights are provided below, but read the full report to find out which cities are bearing the brunt of the world's financial meltdown, where is crime the highest, and where is climate a major concern.

New York City beat out the rest largely because of its financial markets and the strength of its diverse creative class. Overall runner-up London won the cultural dimension by a mile, with Paris and New York trailing far behind. Perhaps surprisingly for a city known more for museums than modems, third-ranked Paris led the world in the information exchange category. No. 4 Tokyo ranked highly thanks to its strong showing in business. And, though it finished 11th overall, Washington easily beat out New York, Brussels, and Paris as the leader in global policy.

More surprisingly, buoyed by their strong financial links, Hong Kong and Singapore finished at fifth and seventh, respectively. Chicago’s strong human-capital performance sent it into the eighth spot. What’s more, several strong performers are emerging from formerly closed societies: Beijing (No. 12), Moscow (19), Shanghai (20), and Dubai (27).

So, did your city make the list? And in this volatile global economy, do you think it will make the list again next year?

Finally, in closing, globalEDGE also has a wealth of resources on countries as well as U.S. states, where different statistics and data related to international business can be viewed and analyzed.

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