Latin America is on the rise. Not only has the region experienced a significant amount of economic growth in the last decade, it has begun to dominate large areas of trade worldwide. Latin America contains a large amount of land, along with a large population ready to drive its international success. While often Latin America is looked at as impoverished, author Raul Rivera points out that in fact Asia and Africa are much poorer regions.  Latin America is filled with natural resources, and a population that is ready to explore more business ventures.

Latin America is crucial in many trade categories around the world. As shown by this map, they are the leading exporters of fruit among all regions worldwide. (For more great maps about resources and international trade, check out this resource). They also have some of the largest water resources and forests on the planet. This makes Latin America rich with natural resources, an increasingly rare attribute. This quality will serve Latin America well in the coming years especially when other regions' natural resources begin to deteriorate.

As Latin American GPDs continue to grow, it is important to note that the growth in these countries’ economies is not only from exports. Their domestic markets are expanding and opening their arms to new business and products everyday. Investors are aware of this as well and have begun to take advantage of these opportunities.

Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela all made it on our most recent Market Potential Index. This index evaluates emerging markets to analyze which contain the most potential for business ventures. Latin America makes up a large portion of this list, and seems to offer quite a lot of new opportunities. Be sure to evaluate the pros and cons of entering each of these emerging market before deciding which to target. Also keep in mind that Latin America has a lot to offer, and could be your next step towards global expansion.

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