As globalization increases, small businesses are gaining many opportunities to export their products overseas. However, less than two percent of all United States companies export to foreign markets. With the National Export Initiative, the United States plans to turn this surprising fact around and double U.S. exports within the upcoming years. Small businesses can play a crucial role in helping the United States accomplish its exporting goals. In fact, some small businesses in the United States have already found success in markets abroad.

Maritime Applied Physics is a small engineering and manufacturing company based in the United States city of Baltimore.  The firm has had success exporting its products around the world for nearly ten years and South Korea has provided a key market for Maritime Applied Physics. Doug Barry, an International Trade Specialist of the U.S. Commercial Service, recently sat down with the owner of Maritime Applied Physics to discuss its exporting success. To read the interview in its entirety, please view the International Trade Administration article!

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