In today’s technology driven society, web browsers are very important as people spend many hours using the internet for business needs or gathering information from sources around the world. A few weeks ago, Google Chrome became the most popular web browser worldwide for a single day, edging out the long-standing dominance of Internet Explorer. Claiming the top spot for only one day may not seem like a noteworthy event, but how Google Chrome was able to take the lead is very important in terms of international business.

Google Chrome’s ascendance over Internet explorer was helped by one major factor. Usage of Chrome in emerging markets dramatically helped the browser gain popularity among users. In key emerging markets including India, Russia, and Brazil, Chrome was able to top the web browser polls. In contrast, Chrome finished in second or third in markets like the United States, China, and Germany. This underscores the importance of emerging markets in today’s globalized business climate.

Emerging markets provide great potential for businesses looking to export their products internationally. With globalization expanding, businesses no longer have to rely on domestic markets for success. Google Chrome’s success in markets overseas is a great example of how international markets are lush with opportunities. Selling products abroad is just one of the many possibilities offered by globalization. How do you think globalization will continue to affect business strategies and operations around the world? Let us know what you think and feel free to leave your comments below!

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