As the world population continues to grow and urbanization increases, enormous amounts of energy will be consumed meaning expensive energy costs and waste management will remain major problems. Sustainable development is a solution to this problem. However, one particular region is experiencing urban population growth at an unprecedented rate and faces exceptional challenges in terms of sustainability. This region is Asia and its urban area population has already tripled over the last fifty years. Although Asia faces many tough challenges to sustainable development, these challenges also provide opportunities for global businesses.

With a need for sustainable services, businesses around the world can offer their help to Asia as they face sustainability challenges arising from rapid urbanization. In return, businesses can use these opportunities to expand their business and generate revenue in new markets. When people think about international business, the first thing that often comes to mind is exporting physical products to markets overseas. However, the need for sustainability services in Asia provides a great example of how businesses can export services as well.

As needs become more widespread, international businesses provide specialties in particular areas that can be used to fulfill these needs. Problems can be solved with international business and opportunities can be created. Businesses around the world can find opportunities in new markets and help fulfill market needs while doing so. As doing business overseas becomes easier with increased communication and technology, international business opportunities will also increase.

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