Oregon-based High Impact Technology (HIT) is a company that specializes in making “smart” materials that are designed to seal up after being punctured. More than half of the company’s employees work on the international part of the business and exports are essential to HIT’s success. High Impact Technology’s products primarily have military purposes and its customers include Germany, Canada, and Russia. A recent blog post by the International Trade Administration (ITA) documents a discussion about HIT’s international business opportunities between HIT’s Director of Operations Russ Monk and ITA Senior International Trade Specialist Doug Barry.

Barry and Monk talk about how the U.S. Commercial Service can assist small companies in exporting products and services and make it much easier to do business with foreign companies. Be sure to check out this ITA blog post to learn more about High Impact Technology and the benefits the U.S. Commercial Service can provide to small and medium-sized businesses.

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