For a majority of small business owners interested in international exporting, complex African markets are typically avoided in comparison to more familiar markets, like those in Western Europe. In spite of this trend, Amethyst Technologies, a Baltimore-based company, has expanded into Tanzania and Kenya with support from the U.S. Commercial Service. Through working with government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Amethyst Technologies has found success in historically unpredictable markets, and has also made a positive impact through building laboratories that are used for drug testing and developing standards for education, health care, transportation, and agriculture.

Doug Barry, an International Trade Specialist of the U.S. Commercial Service, recently sat down with engineer Kimberly Brown, founder of Amethyst Technologies, to discuss her company’s experience with working with U.S. government agencies and expanding into African markets. To read the interview in its entirety, please view the International Trade Administration article!

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