With 196 countries across the globe and over 7 billion people in the world, differences in culture can be seen almost anywhere. In an increasingly interconnected world, people with different cultures can be found in a country nearby or even in your hometown. As a business person, student, or global citizen what does this mean for you? It simply means that understanding different cultures is becoming incredibly important in our daily lives and for business success on a global and even local level. Understanding cultural differences provides a unique competitive advantage and allows teamwork to thrive in almost any situation regardless of where you might be in the world or who you are working with. This is critical for proper communication and is especially crucial for international business.

This week the globalEDGE blog team will explore several topics to help you understand culture differences and their impact on international business. In this blog series, economic and business effects of national holidays will be discussed. Another interesting topic includes understanding the work culture for employees working overseas in foreign countries. Posts later this week will also provide information on how to successfully work in multicultural teams and how cultural differences impact global business operations. We are very excited about this series and are pleased to share information on cultural differences with you. Stay tuned this week for our Cultural Differences Blog Series and feel free to comment on any post you find interesting throughout the week!

As one of the leading sources for international business information, globalEDGE has recognized the importance of culture in the business world today. Therefore, globalEDGE provides many resources to give you a better understanding of different cultures located around the world. The Online Course Modules section has an entire category dedicated to information on doing business in different countries and regions. Each module focuses on a specific region or country and offers many details on various business cultures and practices. There are also online modules specifically for the implications of cultural differences in conducting international business. The Global Resource Directory also has a culture section with resources for global, regional, and country specific cultural topics. Each country insight page has a cultural information category that acts as a country specific business culture and etiquette guide. Check out these cultural resources on globalEDGE designed to help you become culturally aware and let us know what you think!

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