As the human population grows and environmental complexities become more widespread, social responsibility and the fight against climate change have become major issues for businesses across the globe. Many companies are beginning to implement sustainable business practices to combat climate change and mitigate harmful emissions. You may be wondering what businesses around the world are at the top of the list in developing environmentally friendly business operations. Look no further, because a United Kingdom research company has just released rankings that track how large global companies are mitigating climate change and creating clean technology solutions.

Many people think that implementing sustainable business practices is financially costly to companies. However, the rankings show that the leading 100 companies in sustainability have outperformed the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index the last three years. This shows that investment in climate change pays off and many companies who do so actually outperform companies with limited sustainability practices. Investing in climate change also gives companies a socially responsible image that is displayed among its customers. This helps businesses build customer loyalty and a strong brand name. The good news is that every business can be part of the climate solution.

Some of the companies who placed in the top 50 of the rankings might just surprise you. One might wonder how oil companies and industrial manufacturing companies can lead the way in combatting climate change. Both these type of businesses appear in the top level of the rankings. This goes to show you, that every business can help combat climate change with innovative solutions. Just as companies can implement sustainable development practices, countries can do so as well. The Responsible Competitiveness Index ranks countries on their commitment to social responsibility. Over the years Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have been ranked highest followed by more European countries. Europe has been leading the way in sustainable development and its commitment will hopefully encourage others to do the same.

As we move forward, businesses and countries worldwide must continue to recognize the importance of environmental sustainability, especially in the globalized world that we live in where environmental problems can transfuse across countries seamlessly. Every step taken to insure social responsibility will guarantee a sustainable future where global businesses can make profits while also making the world a better place for the society at large.

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