Earlier this month in Washington D.C., Ambient Technologies was one of several companies recognized for their efforts to increase exports in the United States. They received the Presidential E Award for their efforts to export their company’s services abroad, with help from the Export Assistance Centers of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The history of the E Award dates back to World War II when war plants were recognized for their excellence in production to help the war efforts. It was emblazoned on a famous flag with a large E and was a badge of patriotism.  President Kennedy revived this E symbol of excellence to honor Americas exporters.

Doug Barry, who is a Senior International Trade Specialist with the Dept. of commerce, sits down with the CEO and founder of Ambient technologies to discuss how Ambient harnessed the power to go abroad and be successful. Many topics were discussed; one of the most interesting being how they came to be an international business and how much it has helped develop the employees at Ambient Technologies.

To see the full interview, jump to the link.

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