There is no question that Greece has had some financial struggles lately, particularly in the tourism industry. Greece has so many beautiful attractions that a large part of its economy has relied on tourism for several years. One in five jobs in Greece come from the tourism industry, so when revenue in this sector fell by 15% this past year the economic situation began to look even more grim. 

Greece has seen a massive decline in vacationers from Russia, Germany, and the UK. The political turmoil has been the main factor for the decrease in tourism.  Foreign visitors do not want to be worried about their safety and unexpected riots or currency fluctuations that have been unpredictable thus far. At the core of vacation is the ability to relax. Until Greece is more stable, tourists will not seek it out as a relaxing travel destination. In order to breathe life back in the tourism industry, Greece has to prove that it will be stable and free of travel issues.

In attempts to prove this, the Greece National Tourism Industry has begun a campaign aimed at aggressively attracting foreign travelers. Advertisements will be circulated highlighting all that Greece has to offer and show that great vacations are still possible. Many also hope that the newly elected government will bring the stability that foreign travelers crave. Greece already has the beautiful blue waters, captivating small towns, and historic appeal that has drawn in tourists for years. Once the new government is able to bring more stability to its economy, hopefully the tourism sector will bounce back and continue to be a large portion of income for the country.

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