One Cleveland company has had amazing global success due to the Golden Key program through the U.S. Commercial Service. Jet Incorporated is a Ohio-based company that has used technology to design an environmentally friendly water treatment system aimed at replacing septic tanks.  This product relies heavily on new home construction. When the U.S. experienced a major slump in residential construction, Jet Incorporated needed to look to new markets in order to sustain growth. Now international sales are close to 30% of their overall income.

Needless to say, exporting has played a major role in their growth and profitability particularly to developing countries. Educating customers in these regions has been a large issue for this company, but has ultimately led to more awareness and sales. They have begun hosting seminars that show customers how this system can clean water so that it can be reused. This means their product is more sustainable than others which has been widely appealing.

Jet Incorporated has relied heavily on the U.S. Commercial Service to increase its activity abroad. The Golden Key program has allowed them to find new suppliers, distributors, and customers in foreign markets that they otherwise would not have. The U.S. Commercial Service matched them with companies that best fit their needs and had a good reputation. Once the matches were made Jet Incorporated met with the partners and, with the help of a translator, official contracts were signed. The Golden Key provided by the U.S. Commercial Service can be a great tool for companies looking to expand abroad.

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