After an exhaustive Tuesday night of speculation and predictions, Barack Obama managed to hold his position as the President of the United States for another four years. Foreign support for the President rained in on Wednesday through countless newspaper headlines, and it became apparent that allied nations have a tall order for the reelected President. They expect him to start his term off with a strong foreign policy with hopes to quell the global debt crisis and help boost emerging markets.

While Obama’s first order of business is domestic—creating a budget plan to ensure America’s safety from recession, foreign policy is also on the forefront of his to-do list. For instance, keeping the Eurozone afloat, despite immense unemployment in Spain and Greece, will be a daunting task. As for now, the U.S. is far too fiscally bound to aid Europe, forcing them to deal with their own crisis with the help of IMF involvement.

Japan’s press also called for U.S. support over the disputed islands in the East China Sea despite several pending disagreements, including Japanese dissent over the U.S. military presence in Okinawa. India also expressed concerns for the upcoming term regarding outsourcing. It is no secret that Obama is a fan of insourcing, even to the point of taxation for multinational corporations, much to India’s dissent considering these corporations have bolstered their struggling economy. Lastly, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, was recently quoted that he urged Obama to build a “constructive personal relationship” with him, and thus build stronger ties between the two nations. So not only are Americans seeking drastic results from Obama’s next term, but so are many other governments and leaders.

Looking forward, it is clear that domestic financial issues are at the vanguard of President Obama’s plan for the future, yet foreign demands are sure to be heard clearly. Do you think these foreign demands should be addressed by Obama or should he remain focused on strengthening the domestic economy first?

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