The year of 2012 has been a great and exciting year for globalEDGE! To wrap up the year, the gE blog team will highlight some of the many exciting international business features globalEDGE has to offer. Throughout, this week there will be a blog post each day regarding globalEDGE. By keeping up with our blog series this week, you will learn about our new Regulatory Agencies section, the globalEDGE LinkedIn network, and our updated online course modules. We will begin this week by talking about the recently released Country Comparator Tool!

The globalEDGE Country Comparator Tool allows users to compare up to twenty countries a across a variety of economic indicators. Some of these indicators include GDP, inflation, foreign direct investment, and trade statistics. This tool is extremely interactive and is easy to use with helpful graphics and sorting tools. There are many benefits associated with this brand new tool. First of all, users of this tool can quickly conduct research for any particular country and can compare these results to other countries as a benchmark. Additionally by comparing several countries over several years, users can predict trends and make decisions based on comparative data. Overall, this tool is very useful for those interested in international business. To check out the new Country Comparator Tool please click here!

Another tool developed by globalEDGE is the Interactive Rankings page that ranks countries and states according to key economic indicators similar to the Country Comparator. However, the Interactive Rankings varies in some regards. Compared to the Country Comparator Tool, the Interactive Rankings provides a macro-level view as it displays every country for each economic indicator selected. It also provides a visual display of the rankings on an interactive map that displays data for a country when you hover over it with your mouse. The easy-to-read visual display of the Interactive Rankings page makes it very useful and a great supplement to the Country Comparator Tool. To check out the globalEDGE Interactive Rankings page please click here!

After trying out these international business tools, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Also, be sure to check out our blog series throughout this week for new posts regarding updated features on globalEDGE!

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