Since its inception in 1994, globalEDGE has been dedicated to utilizing its vast amount of resources to connect international business professionals worldwide to a wealth of information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities. As a key function of this goal, the online course modules in globalEDGE’s reference desk have existed since 2007 to provide interactive educational tools for use in the classroom or in executive training. These modules focus on issues relevant to international business and include a case study or anecdotes, a glossary of terms, quiz questions, and a list of references for further knowledge current topics. Partially funded by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI B grant, the modules cover several subjects that relate to international business, such as “Doing Business In” specific regions and tutorials on exporting.

With the goal of adequately and efficiently educating both professionals and students on topics relating to international business, the online modules have been designed in a slide show format that provides information in a simple, easily followed format. Each module contains background information necessary to effectively understand its topic, such as the cultural information in the “Doing Business In” modules that is a knowledge necessity for conducting business in a foreign environment. Moving beyond teaching the basic principles of topics, each module provides anecdotes and case studies that display how the knowledge of these concepts could be used in contemporary situations. Furthermore, the modules contain short quizzes that are intended merely to help the viewer recall important information previously covered in the tutorial. Although the modules move along in a timed manner for efficiency purposes, the user may pause a slide at any moment, therefore allowing one to learn and move around the module at their own pace.

Reflecting how international business evolves and shifts as the forces of economic globalization continually cause markets to adapt to an increasingly interconnected world, these modules also are repeatedly revised and updated by globalEDGE team members to keep information relevant and accurate. In the upcoming months, the “Doing Business In” sections will be releasing the most recently updated content, with new versions of “Doing Business in Latin America” and “Doing Business in Southeast Asia” already live on the site. One particularly interesting module to look forward to will be a revised edition to the “Doing Business in the European Union” tutorial, which the team is currently working on to address the immense changes that have occurred since the ongoing Eurozone Crisis that took a huge toll on international markets in 2011. As globalEDGE continues to pursue its vision of providing the best resources available for educating professionals about international business, the modules will surely continue to be an excellent source for global business knowledge among globalEDGE’s other outstanding resources and features.

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