The way in which shipping is conducted can have huge implications for consumers and businesses around the world.   As talks of sustainability and green energy continue to dominate the energy sector, businesses are looking for ways to make shipping less harmful to the environment.  Hence, some companies have begun to ship their goods via sailing ships that use the wind as the source of energy. The organic and eco-friendly sector has jumped on this idea because the maritime industry is said to currently produce 3-5% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

The main problem with using sailing ships for shipping is cost.  This method of shipping tends to be more expensive than shipping goods on large, fossil fuel powered vessels because sailing ships hold less cargo and travel at slower speeds.  However, shipping with sailing ships is an idea that many companies are interested in developing because they believe it can be made affordable.  In fact, a company called B9 shipping is in the process of developing a cargo ship that combines enormous carbon-fiber sails and an engine that runs on a bio-fuel made from food waste, which means that it is powered entirely by renewable energy

Although growing in popularity, this industry is still in its infancy but could garner more interest if oil prices continue to rise.  Like any other industry, the shipping industry exists to make profits, so there must me money to be made in order for companies to invest in sail technology.  Hopefully companies will see the environmental benefits associated with using a cleaner method of shipping and begin to adopt this new way of shipping. 

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