As May crawls to a close, the team here at the International Business Center at Michigan State University is gearing up for a highly anticipated event for faculty. Held at our renowned Kellogg Center every other year, the International Business Institute for Community College Faculty is an incredible learning environment for faculty nationwide to expand their institutions on the international spectrum.

Over forty participants from around the country are gathering at MSU on Sunday to kick off the event. The week promises a vast array of information regarding internationalization of business classes. There will be roughly 15 presentations on topics ranging from international finance to “Globalization and Community Colleges” to “Developing a Study Abroad Program.” The overall goal of the event is to educate community college professors on how to put a global perspective on their classes. Community colleges tend to lack globalization due to several factors, such as insufficient funds and no connection to foreign regions. While this institute cannot change these factors, it aims to motivate schools to internationalize and search for global opportunities that can enhance the education of its many students.

For those interested in the Institute and all that it has to offer, make sure to periodically check the IBI website for updates on the conference! Most of the presentations will be posted, as well as pictures and testimonials.  Be sure to spread the word about this opportunity to faculty that is looking to take the next step in expanding their classes to international standards. The IBI is constantly looking for new participants to achieve different perspectives and viewpoints. The experience not only benefits the faculty, but also their students and the communities they serve.

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