Are you a recent college graduate with no job prospects or hope for repaying your student loans? If this doesn’t describe yourself, you probably know someone in a similar situation. Maybe packing your bags and heading to China to work with the People’s Liberation Army is the answer to the distressed college graduate’s problems.

There have been recent increasing efforts to recruit highly educated individuals to work for the PLA. Employees not only earn financial compensation, but also the highly coveted hukou, which is a permanent Beijing residence card, after serving their duty with the Army.  The new recruiting strategies aim to upgrade the PLA to a higher caliber. However, can China prove that it is all that it’s cracked up to be for aspiring young graduates?

Despite gloomy global markets, Chinese officials are still serious about economic restructuring and growth. Plans to rein in extensive lending are underway, which have proved to not help the economy much. Safer banking practices are also developed to deal with the growing debt and banking risks. Calls for the lowering of red tape are also being heard to encourage private business growth.

These revisions aim to encourage investment in China, specifically the Beijing area, by foreign companies. Attracting young, educated entrepreneurs is also another goal. So will China be the go-to place for graduates, or will other factors such as severe pollution, food safety issues, and occasional oppressive political regimes prohibit China from becoming the powerhouse that it has the potential to become?

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