In the past few years as petroleum was getting more and more expensive, scientists were trying to find alternative ways of transportation such as hybrid cars. Well, Italian company COVINI Engineering had a different focus. We have all heard of a 4-wheel drive, but how about a 6-wheel car? This is what the Covini Six Wheeler is (C6W). The team of COVINI Engineering has been developing a six wheel car for over 30 years and now they dream has come true – the car will be produced in limited numbers starting at the end of 2009. The C6W has four front wheels and two in the back. The car reaches a maximum speed of 300km/h (185mi/h) and its light weight “can give superb driving sensations” according to the COVINI Engineering website. Some of the reasons Ferruccio Covini – founder of the company gives for creating the CW6 are better grip, better breaking, less chance of aquaplaning.

It all sounds great and it’s a new high for technology, but is it really what the world needs right now? Another “cool” sports car? Gas prices might be less than half of what they were during the summer but it doesn’t mean the problem is solved. Humanity is too dependent on petroleum and we need to find substitutes for it. It is not the time for another unnecessary luxurious car!

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