Only a few short months ago, national security still appeared to be headline news. News paper articles, news feeds online, and television reports about threats of terrorism, weapons testing, illegal immigration, etc. were inescapable. It seemed strange to think that at some point we would have to pay attention to news about the global economy with the same sort of concern.

But just in case you thought national security was not something we could afford to worry about as much, a recent report may change your mind. Wouldn’t it make sense that national security, or more specifically international security, and financial stability are intertwined?

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The big picture is something that all of us as consumers need to remember. This of course doesn’t mean that consumers worldwide should start spending money because it would simply stop terrorism. But maybe it would be better to keep that perspective.

If we could guesstimate where a hypothetical terrorist attack would happen next, Western nations and tourist hot-spots would probably be at or near the top of the list. But the problem is that this doesn’t really hold true any longer. Given the recent attacks in Mumbai and piracy off the coast of Somalia, we now know that Western nations aren’t the only ones at risk. Security is no longer a concern only for nations directly involved in things like terrorism, but also for any country experiencing economic hardships during this downturn.

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