Found under the social responsibility section of globalEDGE’s Global Resource Directory, the Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100 report offers in-depth information on charitable contributions made by the United Kingdom’s largest companies. The report is provided by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and contains data related to corporate philanthropy, as well as emphasizes the importance of transparent social responsibility. This resource also aims to bridge the gap between what United Kingdom businesses are actually doing in terms of corporate giving and the public’s perception of these corporations’ charitable actions.

Since 2007, there has been an overall increase in corporate giving by the FTSE 100 companies and donations have increased at a higher rate than pre-tax profits. However, it has become apparent that only a small number of companies are providing substantial levels of charitable donations, with less than 25% of companies donating one percent or more of pre-tax profits to charitable causes.

Many in the public body have called for more transparency in the realm of corporate giving. Some argue that businesses only give to charities to boost their public relations, without making any lasting impact. One way that companies can improve their image in this regard is by supporting local, community based initiatives. Giving to local causes makes the impact of contributions much more measurable and also more noticeable by the community.

There is no question that charitable contributions can be beneficial to a company, as eighty-seven percent of companies who track their corporate giving activity say it has a positive impact on the company’s public image. But the purpose of corporate giving goes beyond just impressing customers and improving the bottom line. The central focus should be to connect with charitable causes and make a lasting difference in communities around the world.

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