In today’s blog post, we look at globalEDGE’s site traffic numbers, to give our users some interesting information about our site and its visitors. The traffic analysis, prepared by several of our team members with help from Google Analytics, looked at data from September 2013 to September 2014. The report found that globalEDGE was visited 1,531,166 times during this period, with over 73% of these visits from unique users. The average visitor viewed approximately 2.7 pages per visit, spending an average of 1 minute and 46 seconds per page.

When we looked at which pages our users clicked on the most, we found that the Global Insights section was the most popular, accounting for almost 2 million page views. The most popular country was Brazil, followed by Italy, India, China, and North Korea. As for the country origin of globalEDGE’s visitors, 53% were from the United States, while the remaining 47% of our users came from a wide range of countries around the globe. The United Kingdom and Canada both accounted for 5% of our visits, followed by India, Australia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

As for the blog, we found that since its 2008 inception, users have clicked on our posts over 151,000 times. The most viewed blog to date is Understanding Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries, with almost 8,000 page views since it was written. Another popular blog focused on Germany’s role in the European Union has garnered over 4,600 hits.

We hope you have enjoyed this look into our site and continue using globalEDGE for all of your international business needs!

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