With business becoming more and more global every day, small and medium sized companies are being pushed to start exporting if they want to stay competitive. This poses a challenge for these businesses however, as exporting has become more complex. For this reason, the U.S. Department of Commerce has made available its 11th edition of A Basic Guide to Exporting; this edition has been tailored to fit small and medium size businesses' needs for exporting in today's world.

The guide directs businesses though the life cycle of exporting transactions, distinguishes the differences between domestic and international sales, and also provides examples of other companies and how exporting has opened doors to more customers and greater revenue. A Basic Guide to Exporting addresses nearly every problem a company could potentially face while transitioning to selling overseas and provides help for every step along the way. This includes assistance from start to finish and everything in between, from how to get things started to financial and legal issues a company may face during the process.

Any small to medium size company that has thought it could not sell internationally or just did not know where to start, A Basic Guide to Exporting now provides that needed support. This guide is an essential tool for all businesses to have, even if they have already moved into the international market. For additional assistance in exporting, check out globalEDGE's Export Tutorials, which answer many questions new or potential exporters may have.

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