The world is still in a financial crisis and it is highly unlikely that it will be over soon. Many nations still blame the problem on CEOs in the United States. After the government bailed many banks out, people ask what is happening to that money. Is it really put into good use or do banks keep on lending more? Everyone knows that the problem is that consumers and businesses are facing huge debts, but it doesn’t seem that CEOs are taking any responsibility.

However, the USA is not the only nation holding bank CEOs accountable. In the United Kingdom, the four former bosses of Britain's two biggest troubled banks apologized. However, this is not what the members of the parliament wanted to hear. As job cuts increase, CEOs do not take responsibility for the financial problems. Soon it will be time for the new bank CEOs to present their plans, and hopefully they will have something good to say. The following video gives more detail about the CEO's appology in the UK.

It is very likely that more governments will start questioning their bank CEOs - their past decisions, present actions, and future plans.

The question here is, are CEOs really to blame? Were they driven by the desire for personal gain or is there something more? A study has shown that some people are more prone to take risks than others, and the video below explains how and why.

Certainly the decisions CEOs are face with involve risk taking, but is it the CEOs fault or their gentic make up at fault?

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